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it is all about perspective…


Beter late than never I woke up a little… I started talking to interesting people of all kinds and professions about this topic. I googled for days on end, read numerous books, watched a lot of documentaries and presentations, of which I give you a top five:

1. Al Gore – an inconveniant truth

2. Ervin Laszlo – (president Club of Budapest) – The Chaos Point

3. Jeremy Rifkin on The Empathic Civilization

4. De docu’s van Tegenlicht

5. Club of Rome

Shocking statistics. Yet nothing desturbed me more than the signs of mother Earth herself. Tsunami’s, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Melting Artic Ice. It may seem far away… it’s not. The good news is, and I honestly believe that, it is not too late if we all step up to the plate.



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