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Just like every little girl does, I used to ask the question WHY until it drove my parents nuts. By now I am no longer 4 years old, but 44 years old, yet I never seemed to have closed off the so-called ‘why-phase’. Some of my friends call me ‘their favourite philosopher’. Hmm… Not sure if that is a compliment though.

This site is one strike off my bucket list. It has always been my passion to write, about all beauty called life, yet for whatever reason I hardly ever did. Until now.

Next to writing, travelling the world is my next big passion. If there were anything I learned from my travels it would be that there is no definition of normal. When I saw people take off the skin of a dog for dinner in China, I could just barely manage not to throw up. But we, the Dutch, eat cow, and that is horrendous to Hindu Indians. And in Peru? Your lovely Guiney pig would be a delicacy over there… You see what I am getting at: there is no definition of normal! It all depends on your perspective.

Thanks to my travels my views on our beautiful planet and all its inhabitants have been widened a lot. So, yes, I usually have strong opinions about a lot, but I will always remain open to another, totally different perspective, which also helps me a lot in day to day life in Holland.

This site begins her journey with the big question why we all take mother earth, pacha mama or Gaia for granted. We take and take her resources, seemingly without a care in the world, without hearing her cries. Why is that? Don’t get me wrong, I do not have the answer, but I will be looking for it, starting within myself. Please feel free to comment. I’d love to hear your opinions!

I am sure I will be touching other topics of my interest as well. For one: the ever so interesting and inspiring connection between men and women. How much stronger this connection (do not read attachment) can get, if we all could just be more open to another perspective again….

I hope to find the right tone of voice to spark, or rekindle, the light within on various topics. And I hope you will all enjoy this journey with me. Feel free to leave your comments on my blog, or mail me at

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